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ORSA has been producing medical corsets, orthopedic equipment, walking supports for paralytics, rehabilitation materials, prostheses & orthosis since 1976. Its products are sold in 550 selling points across Turkey and in 35 countries. Moreover, most of its production is exported to other countries and it is one of the biggest companies in the world in its field. ORSA`s slogan is “Healthy Choice for Health”. This mentality is connected to the foundation of its quality policy which is to never forget that we are serving ill people, to put ourselves in the place of our patients, to produce and apply quality control, and to inspire our employees. These are the most significant ingredients of ORSA success. Other factors behind being a desirable brand include valuing education, hiring qualified employees, paying close attention to R&D, and regarding quality as our life philosophy. The most important advantage of ORSA products over others are that all the raw materials we use are tested by the accredited institutions according to ISO 10993 standards, and the results are obtained by the clinics in Europe. Additionally ORSA products have micro-climate test results obtained in Europe by accredited laboratories. Consequently, it has been proven that ORSA products are not harmful. They are clinically sufficient, and do not cause perspiration or increase in temperature so much to damage the body when used. All these are results of our endeavors that we have been doing since 2001. Needless to say that some of the tests results found that some of ORSA products were not compliant, so we carried on our clinical researches and made about 20 - 25 changes on some products and replaced them until we obtained the highest quality. Now, when a doctor recommends an ORSA product, he/she will not think if it is harmful to the body, cause any allergic reactions or if it will treat the problem sufficiently. Doctors know that it will comply with the standards. ORSA has been holding the ISO 9001/2000 certificate and has been applying this quality management system since 2002. ORSA has performed the first in the sector in Turkey once again as usual by having ISO 13485 certificate in 2010. Because ORSA export it's products to European Union countries, ORSA have been putting the CE mark on it's products since 2001. TSE Workplace Safety Certificate is also available in ORSA. Furthermore, ORSA have test reports that it's products are harmless as well as Microclimate Testing Reports and Clinical Research Reports. ORSA is the first company to hold these certificates and still the only company for many of these certificates in its sector. Being a leader in quality and quality certificates in its field makes us proud.