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BMCOLOR have reached from 30 years of successful past to present, with the confidence of its customers. With its modern infrastructure and skilled human resources, Bm-color provides printing inks to packaging and printing industry ,where also provides colorants and masterbatches to plastic,cable and artificial leather industry. BMCOLOR’s system structure is designed as customer-fo- cused, and all the resources of the company are integrated for carrying out coordinated activities simultaneously, in accordance with the target of detecting and meeting the customer demands. BMCOLOR’s system detection is based on harmonious and planned operation of the whole organization within the value chain intended for providing quality service. The core of the service integration of BMCOLOR is the capacity and the power of research and development. BMCOLOR turned its institutional knowledge based on many years into a strategic advantage, and created a system that produces know-how in its field. Research and development activities with the BMCOLOR “Innovation and Strategic R & D System”, product design and development, as well as strategic and technological research and projects, innovative studies that will provide its customers with an advantage are discussed within the scope of the production activities. With its experienced and expert technical staff, BMCOLOR continuously improves its product range according to the requirements of the sector and customer demands, by closely following the developments in printing and packaging sector.