Renewable Energy

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Aldag , the leading manufacturer of the Heating-Cooling-Air Conditioning systems, was founded in Istanbul in 1967. Aldag joined the Turkish Industry with the manufacturing of refrigeration equipment & complete plants for cold storage areas, integrated meat plants, ice production plants. Since 1980, parallel with the improvement in the HVAC market and increasing demand of HVAC systems in the commercial/residential buildings, Aldag has changed its core business from Refrigeration to HVAC and focused on the manufacturing of HVAC equipment. Aldag designed its own HVAC equipment without any external know-how, only with its own R & D efforts, and improved its equipment to international standards throughout the time. FLEXIBILITY in design, EFFICIENCY in energy, QUALITY in production, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in service, SPEED in delivery time are the main principles of Aldag. Manufacturing plants of Aldag are in two different locations in Istanbul. Central factory (approx. 11,000m2 ) is in Kartal and the second one (approx.10,000m2 ) is in Pendik. Additionally, a new and modern factory establishment (approx. 32,000m2 ) is in progress in “Akhisar Organized Industrial Zone”, close to Izmir near Aegean Coast which is planned as a technological manufacturing base to achieve the export aims of Aldag. Aldag maintains the service for its customers in addition to central factory and administrative departments in Istanbul with 4 Regional Offices (in Ankara, Izmir, Bursa & Adana) and 63 service stations in Turkey. There are also service stations in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Aldag provides optimum solutions and consultancy services for the designers, contractors & subcontractors and end users regarding to their specific – custom projects/requirements (including LEED certified buildings) with energy efficient equipment.